Every College Athlete Deserves an Online Store

Our mission at Athletic Solutions is to create a new, level playing field in e-merchandise. Our patent-pending process has revolutionized how merchandise is handled, creating opportunities for recognition and compensation for every college athlete. It’s a snap to set up, manage and promote your own personalized online store.

Fans Can

  • Access online stores easily from your school’s website.
  • Shop a huge selection of personalized merchandise and gear that’s printed and shipped on-demand within 24-48 hours of ordering
  • Show their support by purchasing items featuring their favorite player’s name, number, sport and more

Student Athletes Can

  • Manage and promote their own online stores.
  • Receive the recognition and community support they deserve
  • Receive on-demand compensation when their products are purchased.

College Athletic Directors Can

  • Give all your student-athletes opportunity for recognition and compensation
  • Gain a unique advantage for your recruiting efforts
  • Provide a channel for ongoing encouragement and community support of your programs and athletes

Want to open a store for
your organization?

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